Hand-picked by our Selection and Nomination Committee these artists were chosen because their previous works have aligned with the mission & intent of Off the Wall. They will bring their style and passion to translate the content of the Community Conversations into public murals installed this Fall. 

The 10th Artist, Muhammad Yungai, was selected through a local selection committee review and public voting process. 

This group of artists is 70% Atlanta-based, 30% women, and 80% people of color. Their previous works have greatly aligned with the mission & intent of Off the Wall. 


"Public art at its best can tap into a specific history of a place, allowing the art to amplify the voices and histories hidden in the homes and sometimes lost inside the truth of those walking the nearby streets."

Brandan "B-Mike" Odums

New Orleans, LA

"My work evaluates place, history, and subject matter to develop imaginative dialogues and alternative strategies for black self-imaging by uprooting social proscriptions and challenging political norms."

Shanequa Gay

Atlanta, GA

"My roles as educator, activist and artist came together in harmony through public art, and I learned to utilize my work to give people a platform to share their own immigration narratives.

Yehimi A. Cambrón Alvarez

Morelia, Mexico/Atlanta, GA

In collaboration with Ernest Shaw


New York, NY

"The goal of our Heroes Series is to empower Atlanta with murals of "Heroes" that our citizens identify with, are inspired by, and which honor our city’s story.

The Loss Prevention Arts

Atlanta, GA

"It has become my personal mission to introduce young Black students the to the greatness of their history. It is a calling to create murals in schools where young people see positive images of themselves, or African-American people who fought for the rights and freedoms of others.

Muhammad Yungai

Atlanta, GA

In collaboration with Gaia

Ernest Shaw

Baltimore, MD

"My art is a reflection of the outcome of the civil rights movement, which embodies the essence of our communities and our culture for where we stand today.

Reginald "L.E.O" O'Neal

Miami, FL

"My art is about inspiring conversations which are needed in the world to helped us engage each other about our vision for society.

Sheila Pree Bright

Atlanta, GA

"I feel that my pieces reflect our African American history, our legacy, and will be inspirational to our children as depictions of us as a people including out trials and tribulations."

Gilbert Young

Atlanta, GA